As part of their Green Fleet Initiative and in an effort to meet customer's demand for alternative fuel sources, Virginia Tech Fleet Services will begin using B-10 Biodiesel for diesel powered vehicles.

“Conversion to biodiesel is just another one of our many efforts to transition Fleet Services to a greener and environmentally friendly department in support of Virginia Tech’s commitment to sustainability,” said Gene Reed, Fleet Services manager.

The B-10 mixture, which will be supplied through APB Whiting, is a combination of 10 percent biodiesel and 90 percent regular diesel. Biodiesel has successfully completed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency health testing under the Clean Air Act and has shown to significantly reduce the harmful emissions that are common in standard diesel usage.

Fleet Services will continue to use B10 in the coming years; however, due to the cold flow properties, it may not be used during the winter months.


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