Two long-standing offices at Virginia Tech, the Office for Equal Opportunity and the Office of Multicultural Affairs, have joined to become one entity, known as the Office for Equity and Inclusion.

According to Kevin McDonald, vice president for equity and inclusion, “We believe that this configuration is the most effective way to lead the equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts at Virginia Tech, and offer a clear and comprehensive resource for the individuals and organizations that we serve.”

The Office for Equity and Inclusion provides leadership and serves as the focal point for university-wide efforts to promote and sustain just, fair, diverse, and inclusive working and learning environments in the university community. The office works to achieve these goals through the following functions

  • Serving as the university’s equal opportunity and affirmative action office;
  • Monitoring employment and academic practices at the university for adherence to equal opportunity principles and laws;
  • Investigating and resolving discrimination and discriminatory harassment issues and complaints;
  • Providing conflict resolution services to the Virginia Tech community;
  • Providing educational opportunities on university policies and procedures regarding fair hiring and admissions practices, diversity and inclusion in academe and in the workplace, prevention and appropriate ways to address harassment and discrimination concerns, and conflict resolution approaches and skills;
  • Advising the president and university leadership on the policies, programs, practices, and resources needed to achieve inclusive excellence and equity in research, teaching, learning, outreach, and operational activities of the university;
  • Working with all segments of the university to embrace and maximize the contributions of multicultural perspectives; build the capacity to recognize, respect, and value individual differences; encourage positive interactions between diverse populations; and utilize the skills, talents, and abilities of every member of the university community.

The Office for Equity and Inclusion is currently located at 336 Burruss Hall (0216). The office’s phone number is (540) 231-7500.

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