Virginia Tech has received deposits from 5,601 freshmen for fall 2008, up from 5,215 deposits received last year, and has released its wait list. The 2008 freshman class comes from the largest-ever application pool of 20,756 – the third straight record-setting year of applications for freshman admission.

“We are delighted to welcome a high number of freshmen this year. Responses to our offers of admission were greater than numeric models could predict, evidence of a strong desire for more students than ever to join the Virginia Tech family” said Norrine Bailey Spencer, associate provost and director of undergraduate admissions. “While we know this creates challenges for our colleagues across the campus as they work to meet the increased demand for spaces in classrooms, orientation sessions, and residence halls, we also know that everyone at Virginia Tech looks forward to welcoming a class with such strong academic credentials as well as strong leadership, service, and diversity.”

Freshmen accepting the offer of admission earned an average high school grade point average (GPA) of 3.80 (with a middle 50 percent of 3.58-4.00), up from 3.77 last year. The average combined math and critical reading SAT score was 1208, up from last year’s 1205. Average grades and scores for students who were offered admission were: 3.86 GPA (middle 50 percent 3.62-4.08) and a combined critical reading and math SAT score of 1238 (middle 50 percent of 1150-1320).

“Demand for a Virginia Tech education is stronger than ever. The world got a glimpse of the Virginia Tech Hokie Spirit last year. Students saw that and we think that contributes to the desire to be part of the Virginia Tech family and to experience our highly rated programs,” said Larry Hincker, associate vice president for university relations.

The incoming freshman class is 45.2 percent female and 54.8 percent male. Ethnicity reported is 9.4 percent Asian, 3.7 percent Black (up from 3.5 percent last year), 3.5 percent Hispanic (up from 3.2 percent last year), less than 1 percent Native American, 77.8 percent Caucasian, and 5.1 percent not reported.

In-state students account for 66 percent of the class. Forty other states and territories make up the remaining 34 percent along with 28 foreign countries. Top states for 2008 freshmen include Virginia (3,694 students), Maryland (561), Pennsylvania (249), New Jersey (246), North Carolina (183), and New York (84).

Spencer notes that universities traditionally experience a “melt” of acceptances over the summer because some students elect not to attend. However, with acceptances of admissions offers now far exceeding last year, the fall 2008 class is almost certain to be the largest on record.

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