A few copies are still available of a limited edition collaborative work by Civil War historian and author James I. Robertson Jr. and Civil War artist Mort Künstler.

Proceeds from selling the work, a special Virginia Tech limited edition of the book Gods and Generals and a limited edition giclée print of Künstler's new Stonewall Jackson painting "Divine Guidance," support programs of Virginia Tech's Virginia Center for Civil War Studies. A giclée is a digitally reproduced copy of a painting that is almost impossible to distinguish from the original.

The book, the companion piece to the movie of the same name, was written by Robertson and illustrated by Künstler. Robertson served as historical consultant for the movie, while Künstler was its official artist. The book was commissioned by Warner Brothers, which produced the movie.

Robertson, the Alumni Distinguished Professor of History at Virginia Tech and executive director of the university's Civil War center, and Künstler, a popular New York artist whose work has been commissioned by the U. S. Postal Service, have worked together on several books and calendars.

The Virginia Tech edition of the Gods and Generals book, which is limited to 150 copies, is leather-bound and gilt-edged and bears the university seal. Each copy is accompanied by the giclée of Jackson. The cost of the numbered books and giclées is $450 plus $15 for shipping and handling.

To obtain a copy of the book and giclée, send your name, address, telephone number, and a check for $465 to Virginia Center for Civil War Studies, 431 Major Williams Hall (0117), Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA 24061. The check should be made payable to the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies.

The chief goal of the Virginia Center for Civil War Studies is to educate the young about the war. Its projects also concentrate on the actions that led to the war, on the factors that help explain it and its aftermath, and on the people who suffered through it. Among the center's numerous projects is an annual free institute that provides high school teachers with resources and practical cross curriculum ideas for teaching Civil War history.

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