Virginia Tech strives to address the world’s most difficult problems. Any researcher or student who is laser-focused on solving a global-scale problem belongs at a university where the educational and research environments are designed to maximize multidisciplinary interactions. Hear from four researchers on their work to address issues related to animals and wildlife.

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Helping dairy calves

Rebecca Cockrum, assistant professor at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is researching environmental impacts on the health and well-being of dairy calves, which have an 8 percent mortality rate.

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Biodiversity of fish and wildlife

Emmanuel Frimpong, associate professor in the Department of Fish and Wildlife Conservation, talks about his research in maintaining biodiversity and conservation of rare species.

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Bringing bat-like sonar to real-world applications

Professor Rolf Mueller and his students want to replicate the ability of bats to navigate through complex environments, thus creating drones that can operate in dense foliage or autonomous underwater vehicles that can navigate near complex underwater structures.

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Deciphering the universal language of honey bees

Roger Schürch, assistant professor with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, is decoding the language of honey bees in such a way that will allow other scientists across the globe to interpret the insects’ highly sophisticated and complex communications.


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