Every day, Virginia Tech faculty, researchers, and students delve into data, experiment, and study research findings to address real-world challenges. In the latest installment on complex problems, hear how data is used to boost safety, improve efficiency, and promote equity. 

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Using big data to optimize the Washington, D.C., transit system

Brian Mayer, a research associate in the Discovery Analytics Center, partners with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority to use big data to help the Metro run more efficiently.

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Analyzing census data to draw impartial voting districts

Grado Department of Industrial Systems Engineering Assistant Professor Robert Hildebrand is a member of a team that analyzes census data to ensure that voting districts in Virginia are fairly drawn, counteracting the practice of biased gerrymandering.

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Explosive research is protecting people and infrastructure

Eric Jacques, assistant professor at the College of Engineering, is using a shock tube to research the effects of blasts on structures, be it a terrorist attack or an accidental explosion.

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Rethinking consumption habits to reduce food waste

Susan Chen, a second-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise, studies food waste in hopes of finding ways to eliminate the negative environmental and economic impacts. 

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