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Videos: Solutions to help the environment

Virginia Tech strives to address the world’s most difficult problems. Any researcher or student who is laser-focused on solving a global-scale problem belongs at a university where the educational and research environments are designed to maximize multidisciplinary interactions. Hear from six researchers on their work to solve environment and climate change issues.

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Predicting the hazards of rising sea levels

Robert Weiss, professor with the College of Science, is working with students to quantify how climate change impact in sea level rise alters future coastal hazards.

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Becoming better stewards of the forests

Chad Bolding, associate professor of forest engineering in the Department of Forest Resources and Environmental Conservation, studies how we can become better stewards of the forests.


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Improving air quality in urban areas

Steve Hankey, assistant professor of urban affairs and planning in the School of Public and International Affairs, is doing research to improve air quality in urban areas.


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Keeping the phosphates from fertilizers out of the water supply

Catherine Freed, a third-year Ph.D. student in the translational plant sciences department, studies methods that will help to keep the phosphates found in agricultural fertilizers from running into and polluting our water systems. 

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Improving community resilience against wildfires

Brian Lattimer, a professor at the College of Engineering, is researching disaster resilience to protect communities and people against wildfires.

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The problem of algae blooms

Shane Ross, professor of aerospace and ocean engineering, is working to predict the effects of harmful algae blooms.


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