Beginning with the first full board meeting of the 2022-23 academic year — which will be held on Tuesday, Aug. 23 in Newport News, Virginia — Virginia Tech will livestream all full board sessions held in open session, including information sessions for the full board.

Access to the livestream will be available on the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors website.

This service will provide greater accessibility to these meetings to all members of the university community located across the commonwealth as well as the general public.

“Our commitment to open and transparent governance is absolute,” said Kim O’Rourke, vice president for policy and governance and secretary to the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors. “This is a duty and responsibility the university has to the citizens of the commonwealth. We are pleased to provide this new resource.”

In full compliance of Virginia law, Virginia Tech will continue to provide public notice of all board meetings that involve three or more board members at least three days prior to the meeting. Meetings of the full board held in open session will be livestreamed; board committee meetings and any meeting held in closed session will not be livestreamed. Written minutes and corresponding presentations will continue to be archived and will continue to be the official record of all board meetings.

Board minutes and corresponding materials can be found on the university’s website, as well as information on the board’s code of ethics, bylaws, members, committee structure and recent news stories on board actions published by the university.

For complete information, visit the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors website.

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