Students moving into Virginia Tech’s residence halls this fall will no longer need to purchase and move in a refrigerator or microwave. Instead, each residence hall room will be outfitted with a MicroFridge.

MicroFridge units, a product of the Melvin Corporation, are high-quality, commercial-grade refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves all rolled into one. Through planning efforts, the units were delivered and installed during a two-week period through cooperation between Melvin Corporation, local warehousing, Fire Logistics Inc.,  and university staff.

“We are so excited that the MicroFridge units have arrived for student use. Students will not need to bring mini fridges and microwaves in overstuffed cars or carry those items to their rooms, and that is just the start of the benefits,” said Ken Belcher, director for facilities and operations. “The units also have integrated smoke sensors to shut the unit off, which will be great for all residents of the building and lead to fewer fire alarms when budding chefs don’t follow package directions as they are making ramen or popcorn.”

The units have a large list of benefits, including:

  • Significant cost savings. Rather than purchasing a mini fridge and microwave, which can cost hundreds of dollars, the less expensive rental fee will be included in the price of room and board.
  • A better move-in experience. Move-in times will be shorter, and students and families won't have to spend as much time moving heavy items up and down stairs. This also reduces the risk of injury and damage to the residence halls.
  • Fewer fire alarms. The MicroFridge units feature a special smoke sensor inside the microwave that automatically shuts off operations and alerts the user of smoke before any damage is done. This means that there will be fewer building-wide fire alarms that cause an inconvenience for all residents of the building.
  • A more sustainable choice. These units are designed to last for years, replacing the 5,180 individual units that families bring to campus each year and eliminating packaging waste that fills our landfill. The EnergyStar units have an annual energy consumption of 195 kilowatt hours, making them the most energy efficient product on the market and reducing Virginia Tech's carbon footprint.

“The Melvin Corporation is thrilled to provide a first-class amenity that meets a student’s needs while also benefiting Virginia Tech through the product’s industry leading safety and energy efficiency features,” said Jason Melvin, vice president of marketing and operations for Melvin Corporation. “This new offering highlights the university’s focus on providing an unparalleled on-campus living experience for its students, and we are excited to support those efforts.”

MicroFridge units are available to summer on-campus residents and will be in place for the incoming summer academy students arriving in July.

Installed units are MICROFRIDGE 3.1MF7-7B1, and more information can be found here. If you have questions, please contact us at or 540-231-6205.

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