Dear Hokie students,

At the start of this year, we were eager to see you begin your Virginia Tech experience. Along the way, we have been alongside with you — supporting the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Over the next few weeks, your academic journey is going to demand a lot of you, and it comes at a time when I know energy levels are low, motivation is waning, and finishing requires more focus than you may have available.

While some of you have found smaller circles of community throughout Virginia Tech and others have experienced a lonely journey, know that regardless of your circumstances throughout the semester, no matter your level of progress, you have a support team available to assist you — personally, academically, and socially. Here are a few for you to consider – and there are so many more beyond this:

  • Academic advisors
  • Academic Dean’s Office
  • Cook Counseling Center
  • Dean of Students Office
  • Graduate Life Center
  • Hokie Wellness
  • Recreational Sports
  • Services for Students with Disabilities

It can be easy to give up at this moment, whether that be out of fear of what a final grade may be or out of overall disappointment on how the semester has played out. For some, the disappointment will be significant and for those graduating this semester it could mean deferring commencement. Our colleagues in the offices listed above want to help and connect you with opportunities to exercise your hope muscle, discover a possible pathway, and feel empowered to persist.

Though "Game of Thrones" popularized the saying “winter is coming” as something to be feared, in university, winter means a break, a pause, an opportunity to reset. The winter break season is near, and I want to encourage you to find the inspiration and zeal to finish as best you can. Just remember, we are only a phone call, email, or social media DM away from being able to assist you.

With hope,

Byron Hughes,
Dean of Students

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