Halfway into this year’s Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC), four senior management areas have already reached their fundraising goals: Pamplin College of Business, Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer, Vice President for Finance, and dean of University Libraries.

The annual campaign gives state employees the opportunity to raise and donate money to more than 900 participating charities in their communities and across the commonwealth. 

The Pamplin College of Business has devised creative strategies to encourage participation. “We have a cutest pet contest that is about to launch, where faculty and staff can upload a picture of their pet and anyone can go online and vote,” said Chelle Darr, the steering team representative. A donation will be required in order to vote.

Other initiatives include Dollar Donut Day, where departments sold donuts for a dollar, and the Ultimate Hokie competition, where a contestant from each department vies for this coveted title. Votes are $1 each and the winner will represent the college decked out in Hokie gear at the next staff meeting, Darr said.

In addition, weekly reminder emails are sent to all faculty and staff, serving as a reminder and updating them on progress toward the goal.

Virtual fundraisers have been held by the second senior management area to exceed its goal, the Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer. Tiffany Cunningham, the steering team representative, said, “One of our team members is a certified yoga and meditation instructor who volunteered to host three separate virtual events for us to help raise money.” Two additional fundraisers were scheduled through cvcgives.org

The third senior management area to reach its goal is the Vice President for Finance. “There is a strong sense of excitement, passion, and enthusiasm for the CVC every year,” said Nancy Meacham, the steering team representative. "This comes from the vice president, the senior leadership, department representatives, and employees.”

CVC department representatives meet regularly to discuss ideas and plan cross-departmental activities and friendly competitions.

“While the dollars raised are important, we also focus on the participation rate and try to have as many folks donate as possible.” Meacham said. “No amount is too small.”

She stressed that regular communication is key. The office sends communications to employees to encourage participation, with year-end appreciation and recognition of departments that have gone above and beyond, Meacham said. Fundraising events are announced through email and via the office’s monthly newsletter, The Bottom Line.

Dean of University Libraries is the fourth senior management area to reach its goal. Edward Lener, the CVC steering team chair for the department and this year’s CVC chair, agreed that regular communication is key, especially to new hires.

“We have a lot of recent hires who may never have heard of CVC before, and hearing the message regularly in different forms helps them better understand what it is and why it is important,” he said.

“We also have a number of faithful regulars who may just need a reminder that it is time to renew their pledge for the coming year.”

Since 2010, Virginia Tech employees have donated more than $3.5 million to local charities in Blacksburg, the New River Valley, and across Virginia.

Last year’s campaign surpassed the $370,000 goal by more than $34,000. This year’s goal is $390,000. The campaign runs until Dec. 10.

Donate now to the CVC through a payroll deduction or by cash, check, or online donation.

For questions or assistance, please contact your department representative or steering team member. More information can be found on the CVC website

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