Results from the 2021 campus climate survey reveal that employees agree that the overall campus climate is positive and that they received the support they needed during the pandemic.

Employees say they are satisfied with their job (79 percent) and that people in their department or unit work well together (80 percent).

Employees agree that their department/unit leadership provided the support needed to work during the pandemic (85 percent) and that they feel safe in their workplace environment (91 percent).

The survey also reveals opportunities for improvement such as helping employees understand how to get help for unfair or inequitable treatment or addressing perceptions that employees have with regard to how equivalent their compensation is to the value they provide the university.

All employees, with the exception of student employees, were invited to take the survey between April 13 and May 3, 2021. The survey consisted of 55 questions. Approximately 3,267 employees responded to the confidential survey.

The university uses climate surveys to gauge employee perceptions about climate, diversity, inclusion, leadership, work environment, and job satisfaction.

Sponsored by the Division of Human Resources, the survey was designed by a cross-functional committee of survey and assessment experts across campus. This year’s survey questions were simplified, streamlined, and standardized, using a consistent measurement scale across questions. Because of this, there is no direct comparison with past employee climate surveys.

“We will be able to use the redesigned employee climate survey and its results to continue our focus on excellence in the employee experience at Virginia Tech,” said Christine Luketic, director of HR analytics and reporting.

Data will be released to colleges and units throughout the fall. To see university data from the 2021 climate survey, a report is posted online.

“The climate survey results will guide us as we develop strategies and make informed decisions that will help Virginia Tech become a better place to work, study, and serve,” said Bryan Garey, vice president for human resources. “We want to create an inclusive environment that nurtures learning and growth for everyone.”

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