On Thursday, May 20, University Relations will launch an immersive digital storytelling experience: VTx, a website that highlights Virginia Tech news and stories, videos, and more.

VTx will replace the existing sites for VT News and video.vt.edu, weaving together all of the content - such as campus news, features, notices, and videos - that readers are accustomed to seeing. And in later iterations, the site will feature Virginia Tech Magazine content, highlight campus events alongside stories and videos, and more.

Additionally, the Daily Email on May 20 will feature a complementary design. The Daily Email will continue to serve as the primary vehicle for all official university notices and information for employees and students, and VTx will serve as the university’s official record as the VT News site has done.

By aggregating content from the colleges and units under a single tagging structure on the same site, VTx will direct more attention to content from colleges and units across campus, while also creating a more immersive experience for users of the site. A viewer will be able to see a variety of suggested content about any desired topic. For example, while reading a story about an academic program, the reader will also see suggested content about that program, the professor quoted in the story, the academic topic itself, and more.

“VTx will be the starting point to learn about the priorities that matter most to Virginia Tech,” said Tracy Vosburgh, senior associate vice president for university relations. “The site is at the intersection of all types of content, so viewers will be able to find exponentially more than they had first expected – hence the ‘x’ in VTx. We’re looking forward to offering this depth of content and an improved user experience to our Virginia Tech community members.”

The development of VTx was based on extensive surveying and audience testing. Going forward, the University Relations team will continue adjusting the site based on user behavior and needs. The team is already working on the next phase, to incorporate content from Virginia Tech Magazine, campus events, and more.

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