Dear Hokies,

If the weight caused by a global pandemic wasn’t enough, several recent reports of off-campus burglaries have certainly elevated the level of distress among some students, leaving many with the feeling that these difficult times just got a bit more challenging. These feelings, especially when you factor in all that our nation has gone through in the past 12 months, are certainly understandable ... and normal.

If what you feel seems a bit overwhelming at times, please turn to others for support. Whether that be simply sharing your feelings with a friend, roommate or family member, or if you need the additional support from resources available to you through the university or community, please turn to them. Below is a list of resources (and contact information) you can turn to for assistance, each of which is available to help you. In addition, also take a moment to check on the welfare of your friends and roommates who also may need help, but may have difficulty in asking for it. Such acts of care and compassion are often what another person may really need.

Please be assured that the Virginia Tech and Town of Blacksburg police departments care deeply about you and your safety and continue to diligently ensure students have a consistent safety and security experience both on and off-campus.

If you want to reach out for support, but don’t know where to turn to first, you can start with the Dean of Students Office at 540-231-3787. Let us know how we can help you.

Reach out and let us help you.

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