Due to the various course modality options, please be sure you are aware of the different modalities and what that might mean for you.  Are you able to take courses while away from Blacksburg or do you need to come to campus to complete your courses?  Be intentional about the course modalities you are choosing and how it may impact other day-to-day tasks.

Change of major information

In preparation for the upcoming change of major, be informed about the change of major dates, and the change of major opening on Monday, Dec. 14. 

Visit advising.vt.edu for more information.

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The 411 on Course Modality

Face-to-Face: Course will be offered in the traditional in-person format and all course meetings will be held in the assigned classroom.

Hybrid (F2F & Online Instruction): Course will be offered in both an in-person and online format. There are a lot of variety in hybrid course offerings and details about how a specific course section will be offered and will be available in course comments and/or on the course syllabus.

Online with Synchronous Meetings: Course will be offered online and will have course meetings at the assigned date/time as reflected on your schedule.

Online with Asynchronous Meetings: Course will be offered online and will not have set meeting day/times. Work at your own pace to ensure course deadlines are met.

Spring 2021 Change of Major

Apply on Hokie Spa to:

Restricted majors between December 14 and January 3. Non-restricted majors between December 14 and January 24.

Learn more about the major you are interested in by viewing the Majors Fair recorded videos at www.advising.vt.edu/major-exploration/majors-fair.html.

First semester students will need to wait until grades are posted to submit a change of major application.

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