Virginia Tech is recognizing more than 700 employees for their commitment to service and for exemplifying our motto, Ut Prosim (That I May Serve). Collectively, these employees dedicated 14,800 years of service to the university.

“We owe our success to the dedication and loyalty of our employees,” said Virginia Tech President Tim Sands. “The individuals we recognize have added immeasurable value to the university during their years of service, and we gratefully acknowledge and celebrate their impressive career milestones.”

The service recognition program acknowledges employees' service to the university in five-year increments, beginning at 10 years. Of the employees recognized this year, the following 53 have served Virginia Tech for 40 years or more, representing over 2,225 years of combined service:

50 Years:

  • George Clum
  • E. S. Geller
  • Alexis Johnson
  • Joseph Schetz
  • Bonnie Sutphin

45 Years:

  • Charlotte Breeding
  • John Burns
  • Henry Dickerson
  • Harry Dorn
  • Donna Dunay
  • Terry Herdman
  • Arthur Keown
  • Vickie Martin
  • James McAlister
  • Patsy Neice
  • Jane Price

40 Years:

  • Ralph Amateis
  • Aloysius Louis Beex
  • Joe Boling
  • Debbie Carroll
  • Richard Cooper
  • Robert Dellinger
  • Thomas Diller
  • Sally Dunbar
  • Sheila Early
  • James Elliott
  • Linda Fountaine
  • Carolyn Furrow
  • Steven Glosh
  • Peter Graham
  • David Hosner
  • Margaret Howell
  • Michael Hughes
  • Larry Jackson
  • Judy Keister
  • Mary Ann McFarland
  • Lois Mullins
  • Phyllis Neece
  • Thomas Ollendick
  • Kim O'Rourke
  • Linda Perkins
  • Cathy Pillow
  • Judy Reed
  • Jerry Rhea
  • Dwight M. Shelton
  • Joseph Sirgy
  • Elizabeth Stanley
  • Christopher Wakley
  • James Warren
  • Peggy Webb
  • Robert White
  • Richard Winett
  • Marsha Wright

“For nearly 150 years, we have built on our service commitment in order to have a positive impact on the lives of the students we teach, the communities we serve, and the world we live in,” said Bryan Garey, vice president for human resources. “Congratulations to all of the employees we are recognizing this year for their dedicated, continuous service to the university.”

Employees with 25 or more years of service were mailed to their office address an etched Hokie stone, a symbol of strength and stability. The stone reflects each employee who receives them.

Starting at 40 years of service, the Hokie stones are personalized with the employee’s name and years of service.

All employees received a service lapel pin and certificate.

In addition to the university’s recognition program, the following employees were recognized by the state of Virginia as employees of the Commonwealth. State service may differ from Virginia Tech service.

40 Years:

  • Saifur Rahman
  • James Warren

complete list of employees recognized this year is available online.

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