All signs are pointing to a vibrant season of autumn color this year, thanks to steady rainfall this summer and early fall, according to Virginia Tech tree physiology expert John Seiler.

“Trees are in good shape health-wise due to good moisture levels in the soil which is needed for the production of the red pigments in leaves,” says Seiler.

“While cold weather spells might move the dates up a few days to a week, leaf watchers should expect to see peak displays anywhere around October 24-31 in the New River Valley.”

Seiler says other places to enjoy fall color across the Commonwealth include the Blue Ridge Parkway, route 460 from Roanoke into West Virginia, and any state routes that travel through the Washington and Jefferson National Forests.

About Seiler 

John Seiler specializes in environmental stress effects on woody plant physiology, including water and pollutant stresses. He is quoted regularly in broadcast and print publications due to his expertise in tree physiology. Seiler is the Honorable and Mrs. Shelton H. Short Professor of Forestry at Virginia Tech, and was recently reappointed Alumni Distinguished Professor in recognition of his extraordinary academic citizenship and distinguished service within the Virginia Tech community. Seiler teaches in the College of Natural Resources and Environment

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