Human Resources has launched Virginia Tech’s new PageUp Learning Management System (LMS).

Developed in partnership with a group of campus stakeholders and vendor PageUp People, this platform lays the system-based, employee-focused foundation to support Virginia Tech’s culture of continuous learning. The platform is designed to encourage professional growth by empowering employees to take charge of their career development.

Integrated with the PageUp recruiting and onboarding portals, launched July 22, 2019, the PageUp LMS begins with new hire and compliance training courses, such as Compliance: Title IX/Policy 1025/VAWA, State of Virginia: Civilian Response to Active Shooter, and State of Virginia: Employee Safety and Disaster Awareness.

With the launch, employees will receive reminder emails if they have not yet completed their required compliance training or are up for renewal. A PageUp LMS training course is available for users to learn how to access and navigate the platform.

“At launch, employees will be able to register and complete required compliance training with greater ease of use,” said Marsha McKay, director of talent development. “As the learning library grows, the PageUp LMS will be a useful tool where employees will have access to professional development that supports their career aspirations and supervisors will be able to assign and recommend training to their teams.”

Initially designed to provide a subset of the university’s mandated compliance training, the platform will facilitate automated delivery of learning content and track completion.

Future enhancements to this platform will provide employees a well-rounded experience. The platform will support individual development plans and capture completed learning, including external career or work-related training, such as certifications or attended conferences. Employees will be able to set annual renewal reminders for added training and share accomplishments with supervisors and colleagues. Supervisors will be able to guide their team and individual development by assigning and recommending training. Employees will receive notification when training is assigned, opening two-way communication about their career development.

“To model Virginia Tech’s educational mission by supporting lifelong learning, we are pleased to launch this new system for employees,” said Bryan Garey, vice president for human resources. “It’s a much-needed resource and another way for Human Resources to support the professional growth of the university’s valuable faculty and staff.”

Following the initial launch, the project team will continue to work with partners across campus, expanding course options and training opportunities. The PageUp LMS will continue to grow with the addition of events, such as interactive face-to-face training, recommended articles and readings, engaging webinars and videos, and on-the-job development activities.

“The overarching goal for the PageUp LMS is to support employees and help guide their career planning,” said McKay. “Supervisors can engage with their employees for continuous improvement and drive new knowledge and skills.”

Access the LMS platform at, where it joins multiple university-wide employee training platforms: CourseWhere, LinkedIn Learning, TLOS Professional Development Network, and Virtual Learning Center.  

For additional questions about the system, contact the HR Service Center at or 540-231-9331.

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