The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors Executive Committee will meet in special session on Thursday, Aug. 13, at 3 p.m.

This meeting will be held entirely online; information for the public to listen to the meeting may be found on the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors website.

In open session, the Executive Committee will consider a resolution to update the Student Code of Conduct and university policies to incorporate the new Title IX regulations that go into effect Aug. 14 and a resolution to modify the name of the School of Communication and Digital Media to the School of Communication. In addition, committee members will receive updates on intercollegiate athletics and enrollment.

In closed session, the committee will consider building naming(s)/special award(s).

There will be no opportunity for public comment at this meeting. The next regularly scheduled meeting for the full membership of the Board of Visitors will be Aug. 23-25. More information may be found at the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors website.

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