Apotheosis of Saint Louis stands in the middle of a community battle, some calling for its’ removal while others fight to maintain its’ position atop Art Hill in Forest Park.

Matthew Gabriele is a professor of medieval studies and chair of the department of religion and culture at Virginia Tech.  He recently co-authored In St. Louis, History and Nostalgia Battle it Out in Smithsonian Magazine.

“This, ultimately is the battle for St. Louis: nostalgia versus history. Nostalgia wants a simple story; it wants to sell you something. History is messy. History brings up stories we might not otherwise want to discuss but should, in truth, know. It dispels rainbow connections to the past that skip over the “bad” stuff to focus on the “good.” It dispels the myths that erect monuments, be they of a Confederate general, a Genoese ship captain who stumbled upon the Caribbean, or a French saint and king.”

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Professor Gabriele’s work has been featured in the Washington Post a number of times, on KCBS Radio, and WTOP Radio, as well as other national and international outlets and publications. 

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