The annual Virginia Tech Student Government Association (SGA) inauguration took place this April 13, and like the rest of society and events during the coronavirus outbreak, it took a new form.

Adil Sageer, a junior computational modeling and data analytics major in the College of Science and current president of SGA, arranged the inauguration to be held via Zoom. “It wasn’t like it usually is, but at least we had the Pylon background,” joked Sageer.

The ceremony, which usually takes place at the Pylons, was held in a Zoom group conference on Monday evening. Typically, the event features a speech from both the incoming and outgoing president and vice president, as well as the swearing in for the college representatives. Due to the online nature of the event, the regular program was abbreviated to omit the speeches from the outgoing officers. 

Sageer will be continuing his role as president, along with his running mate and vice president Chapman Pendery, a junior majoring in computer science in the College of Science. 

“It is hard to feel mentally healthy when working out of your parent’s basement (as I am right now),” said Pendery in his speech, in an outreach to Virginia Tech students across the globe. “I pledge to the undergraduate student body that I will fight for them. I will work to structure SGA as the true voice of undergraduates.”

"I'm very positive and optimistic about the situation,” said Sageer. “I thought it was a great outcome for the campus, especially for the SGA community. It really meant a lot that Tim Sands was able to come, for the first time in my three years with SGA.” In addition to Sands, various other campus leaders and college deans were able to attend.

Despite the circumstances, Sageer and Pendery were able to pull together an event that was accessible. With technological savvy and an eagerness to find normalcy in the midst of an unprecedented semester, Sageer and Pendery were able to provide an event to celebrate and unify the student body.

-Written by Madison Sweezy

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