The Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign (CVC) is in full swing at Virginia Tech, having raised more than $122,000 since it kicked off on Sept. 30.

CVC is an annual workplace giving campaign where state employees raise and donate money to one or more of approximately 1,000 participating charities in their communities and across the commonwealth. Charities range from health and human services to animal welfare, from environmental conservation to medical research, and everything in between. There is a charity for everyone.

The fundraising goal this year is $390,000. Every donation helps reach this goal and makes a difference in someone’s life. Donating even $5 or $10, the cost of one or two Starbucks drinks, can make all the difference in someone’s life.

The Women’s Resource Center provides services to victims of sexual and domestic violence in the New River Valley. One of those services is an emergency shelter where women who are escaping violence can find safety. Laura Beth Weaver, assistant director of the Women’s Resource Center, says a small donation can make all the difference for these women.

“What $5 or $10 can do is help us stock our refrigerator with healthy food choices, so that when people show up to our emergency shelter, they don’t have to worry about where their next meal is going to come from,” said Weaver. “We believe if someone is fleeing domestic violence or sexual violence, some of the basic necessities should be covered.”

At Feeding America Southwest Virginia, a regional foodbank, a $5 donation can provide 30 meals to those in need.

For the Literacy Volunteers of the New River Valley, a $10 donation can provide a week of reading instruction for an adult. These classes ultimately give individuals the ability to get jobs and take care of their families.

At another charity, NRV Cares, a child abuse prevention agency, small donations can be used in areas that grants do not cover.

“A $5 donation will pay for printing our community education materials for a month,” said Mona DiGiulian, financial director for NRV Cares. “Each and every dollar counts, especially donations which cover expenses not funded by other donors. CVC donations are really important to NRV CARES.”

This year’s campaign will run until Dec. 13. Since 2010, Virginia Tech employees have donated more than $2.8 million to local charities in the New River Valley and across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Employees can donate through an online payroll deduction, choosing either a one-time deduction or a 24-pay period deduction. Donations should be made through the CVC website. Cash and checks are also acceptable. Pledge cards are available for those who do not have online access.

CVC is administered by the Division of Human Resources and led by a steering team made up of university department representatives. Questions or assistance should be directed to department representatives. More information can be found on the CVC website.

- Written by Ariadne Manikas, Class of 2020

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