The Office of Undergraduate Academic Integrity recently hosted delegate recruitment for the 2019-20 academic year to identify student leaders of the Undergraduate Honor System who can conduct administrative meetings with reported students, lead educational programs, and discuss the honor system process with students and faculty.

“This year’s selection of student leaders had been the most competitive in the history of Virginia Tech’s honor system since its foundation in 1907,” said James Orr, assistant provost for academic strategy and policy.

More than 260 students submitted applications to fill seven Honor Council delegate positions. The following students were selected to serve during the next academic year.

  • Caroline Chappell
  • Eva Johnson
  • Christopher Hareas
  • Abby Malone
  • Lauren McClaskey
  • Tatiana Botteri Munoz
  • Aditya Sircar

“I am so enthusiastic and excited to see what the 2019-20 Undergraduate Honor Council delegates will bring to the table,” said Kara Latopolski, senior associate director for undergraduate academic integrity.

In addition to selecting future delegates, the Office of Undergraduate Academic Integrity selected Lauren Hoyns to serve as president and Brittany Steffens to serve as vice president of the Undergraduate Honor Council for the 2019-20 academic year.

Hoyns will take over her role as president as one of the most experienced student leaders to guide the Honor System in its 119-year history. She began as a panel member, serving on more than 40 hearing panels. Hoyns was then selected by her peers to be an honor council delegate, where she resolved more than 100 cases through administrative meetings and hearing panels. She has also attended and presented at two International Center for Academic Integrity Conferences.

Hoyns served as vice president of the Honor Council this past year and her success and ongoing commitment to the Honor System will help to maintain Virginia Tech’s status as a model for how institutions of higher learning can best promote a culture of academic integrity. 

Steffens has served as an honor system delegate for the past two years, and her drive, passion, and energy are expected to further bolster the Honor System’s outreach to the campus community. She played an instrumental role in this year’s delegate selection and recruitment process, and attended and presented at the International Center for Academic Integrity Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, this past spring.

The Office of Undergraduate Academic Integrity supports the campus in its efforts to promote the highest standards of integrity and honor for students. The office is focused on making a positive impact in the lives of students and believes that instilling the values associated with academic integrity is vital to higher education and society.

Written by Ashley Perry

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