If New Year’s resolutions are all about getting out of the routine and breaking old habits, nothing rings in 2019 better than a vow to travel more, says a Virginia Tech expert.  Nancy McGehee, a professor of hospitality and tourism management, says the benefits of travel are immeasurable.

·         “Travel engages your brain, exposing you to new ideas and getting you out of your routine. Getting out of our routine forces us to use different pathways in our brain and keeps us alert. Nothing like trying to read a road map in Beijing or get through the airport in Port-Au-Prince to sharpen those rusty synapses.”

·         “When you travel with loved ones, it provides one-on-one time, making memories and deepening bonds that will last a lifetime….and hopefully gets you off your phone and engaged with the ones you love! Just ask me about car-watching in London with my son and spotting the ever-elusive Porsche 918 in front of Harrods department store.”

·         “It’s called RE-creation for a reason: you get the chance to recreate your view of the world, which can help you solve problems at work or have epiphanies regarding your personal life.”

·         “Travel can restore your belief in humanity. When today’s headlines seem to be too much for you, getting out in the world to see how wonderful your fellow human beings can really be is good for the soul. The number of people who have assisted this goofy, often lost, often language-challenged American in the far reaches of the globe is boundless.”

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