What does it take to construct and maintain the more than 125 buildings and 2,600 acres of property at Virginia Tech? Students participating in Facilities’ inaugural summer Construction Management Program got to find out.

During the six-week internship program, students gained firsthand exposure to a range of construction functional areas, including site and infrastructure development, code compliance with the University Building Official team, renovation, contracting, finance, and more. The program consisted of comprehensive classroom learning, in-field rotations, and mentorship opportunities.

From learning about best practices for erosion control on new construction sites, to presenting to high schoolers on stormwater management and helping to implement the latest electrical upgrades on campus, participants expanded their skills and networking in the field.

Perhaps most importantly, students got an inside look into the extensive collaboration that is required to make construction projects come to life. Across planning, evaluation, and implementation, students participated in joint decision-making that fuels campus construction and facilities projects. Students were also encouraged to share their fresh perspectives in approaching project planning.

“I’ve gotten a good understanding of what it means to be a construction manager and exposure to many facets of construction management. Just seeing how all of the sub-departments mesh together and work with each other to get the job done was incredible,” said program participant Patrick Miele '20.

“Engaging students in facilities and construction earlier through internships like the Construction Management Program is critical for developing the next-generation talent pipeline. We look forward to expanding the program and providing more experiential learning opportunities for students in the exciting facilities field,” said Associate Vice President and Chief Facilities Officer Chris Kiwus.

For students who may be interested in participating in similar internship program in summer 2019, please contact Jon Clark Teglas in Facilities at jcteglas@vt.edu

Congratulations to inaugural program graduates Kedanta Chandler '19, Frank Mazzola '20, and Patrick Miele '20.

Facilities Internship program participant
Kedanta Chandler '19
Facilities Internship program participant
Frank Mazzola '20
Facilities Internship program participant
Patrick Miele '20
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