As the Supreme Court takes up its second big partisan redistricting case of the term, a Virginia Tech expert on the topic of gerrymandering is available to discuss the court’s consideration of limits on drawing election maps for political gain.  

Virginia Tech political scientist Nicholas Goedert is available for interviews to discuss the topic and its possible impact.

Quoting Goedert

“The Supreme Court has heard a lot of cases involving redistricting, but has never before struck down a map, purely on the basis that it was too partisan, that it advantaged one party at the expense of the other party. There's a lot of disagreement as to what the appropriate standards should be if courts are going to be involved."

To secure a live or recorded interview with Goedert, contact Bill Foy by email, or by phone at 540-998-0288.

Expertise featured in The New York Times and The Hill

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