Local beverage company Pervida, 2017 Technology Company of the Year, has announced the addition of two new flavors to their pioneering, flagship product Pervida Immune Citrus. The great tasting, lightly carbonated lineup of functional waters are category innovators in the functional beverage space.

The Pervida brand is leading the development of new products in the personalized nutrition and health space. Pervida is pioneering the concept of beverage as a personalized nutrition technology to deliver health benefits that can ultimately increase longevity and quality of life.

Pervida is the brainchild of Josep Bassaganya-Riera, director of the Bicomplexity Institute’s Nutritional Immunology and Molecular Medicine Laboratory (NIMML). The company develops functional waters that deliver gut health and immune benefits without calories or artificial sweeteners. Pervida Immune Citrus is enriched with vitamins and naturally contains the antioxidants of punicic acid, an active ingredient found in pomegranates.

“Pervida has made great strides in its 2017 go-to-market strategy by launching Pervida Immune. This beverage is a category innovator in a robust pipeline of functional waters. We were very pleased to have received the 2017 Technology Company of the Year award,” said Dr. Bassaganya-Riera. “The concept of functional water as a personalized nutrition technology is actually quite simple; we discover new proprietary nutritional ingredients that promote health, such as punicic acid or abscisic acid, and develop new Pervida products around those key ingredients. The resulting products not only taste great, but provide health benefits as well.”

Headquartered at the Corporate Research Center, Pervida has received a tremendous outpouring of community support since its inception.

“This groundbreaking product hit all four tech categories: one, a product in the market; two, it had a patent; three, secured funding; and four, a company we want in our backyard,” said Sharon Scott, executive director of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.

Pervida is available through several local and national distribution channels, including Amazon. Honored as a 2017 NEXTY Finalist in association with the Natural Products Expo East, BevNet, and the New Hope Network, Pervida has earned major industry recognition.

Pervida Immune Citrus was the first health beverage released by Pervida in 2017. Two new Pervida flavors were officially unveiled at a Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council event last week and will be released in March of 2018: Berry Acai and Hawaiian Blue Ginger. Acai is a member of the superfood squad, and Hawaiian Blue Ginger derives its name from the blue flower of the Hawaiian plant. These exciting new flavors perfectly complement the main ingredients of the beverage: beneficial anti-oxidants and vitamins specifically designed to enhance the health benefits of pomegranate extracts.

'With clear passion for this revolutionary health water, Bassaganya-Riera continued, “In collaboration with Blue Ridge Beverage and other distributors across the U.S. such as Cascadia, Pervida is disrupting a $15 billion beverage business by incorporating the concept of beverage as technology, which is supported by sound science and the next generation of proprietary, patented ingredients.”

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