Satoru Emori has been appointed as an assistant professor with the Department of Physics, part of the College of Science.

Before arriving at Virginia Tech, Emori was a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University. His research focuses on “spintronics” and magnetic thin films, or more specifically, nanometer-thick materials with robust spin-driven physics. Many of these phenomena are considered essential for next-generation computing and communications technologies.

His Spin-Magnetic Lab at Virginia Tech specializes in the development of new thin-film magnetic materials, as well as studying the spin transport and dynamics of tabletop and synchrotron techniques.

Emori earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California Irvine, and a doctoral degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, both in materials science and engineering.

Emori is one of 22 tenured and tenure-track faculty members to join the College of Science this year.

Written by Mari Botha, of Ashburn, Virginia, a junior double majoring in Economics and English. 

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