Two Virginia Tech experts on politics can discuss Thursday’s upcoming testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee by fired FBI Director James Comey. 

Political Science Department Chair and Professor Karen Hult has served as a contributing scholar providing briefing materials to the White House Counsel's Office and the White House Office of the Staff Secretary for transitions dating to 2000. Hult is the author or co-author of four books, including two on the evolution of the White House staff.

Quoting Hult: “His appearance is unprecedented in that no dismissed FBI director has testified after being fired. As FBI director, Comey, of course, testified about the Hillary Rodham Clinton email server investigation and about possible coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign.” 

“The closest analogy may be L. Patrick Gray, acting FBI director under Nixon from 1972-1973, who testified during his confirmation hearing to be permanent director that Gray had given FBI files to the White House at its request.”

Assistant Professor of Communication Mike Horning focuses on the intersection of politics and news reporting, along with the social and psychological effects of communications technologies.

Quoting Horning: "A key question in this hearing will be whether Comey testifies that he felt that the President was trying to obstruct his investigation. If he makes it clear that he believes that was the case, then this is going to raise concerns for Congress. What they would do next is difficult to say, but they would be unable to ignore a former FBI director's sworn testimony that claimed that a U.S. president has broken the law"

To secure a live or recorded interview with either Hult or Horning, contact Bill Foy at 540-998-0288.

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