To Our Students at Virginia Tech,

On college campuses across the nation we are seeing an increase of hate and bias incidents. Sadly, Virginia Tech is not an exception. Our Principles of Community are principles, that if followed, promote an inclusive environment for free expression and for learning.

Nearly all of our campus community members are guided by these principles. Hate and bias incidents will not be tolerated at Virginia Tech. Students who are found guilty of violating our Student Code of Conduct will be subject to penalties ranging up to and including dismissal from the university.  Referrals will be made to the police where appropriate. Violators are depriving those they target of the opportunity to study and learn without fear for personal safety. 

Virginia Tech is a strong community, and we always strive to do better. Last semester, we launched #VTUnfinished under the leadership of our Vice President and Vice Provost Menah Pratt-Clarke. After spring break, during our InclusiveVT Principles of Community Week (March 13-17), we will have a unique opportunity to come together for #VTUnfinished, Part 2.  At my request, Vice President of Student Affairs Patty Perillo and Menah Pratt-Clarke have come together to create a campus-wide conversation on civility in partnership with Virginia Tech School of Public and International Affairs faculty member, Professor Todd Schenk, the creator of National Frenemies Day. I personally invite students to participate in this presidential initiative. The inaugural series, #civilityVT Let's talk, will be launched on Wednesday, March 15, at 2:30 p.m. in Burruss Hall foyer.  The talks will continue weekly through May 3.

Consistent with InclusiveVT, we are committed to a welcoming, affirming, inclusive, safe, and accessible campus climate.

Tim Sands
President Virginia Tech


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