As Virginia Tech’s student body continues to grow, university officials are working diligently to make sure the physical campuses continue to provide the necessary living and learning space for students and employees.

The planning and management of all of that space is the primary responsibility of Virginia Tech’s new university space manager, Leigh Lally, and the space management program she oversees as part of the Office of University Planning in the Facilities Department.

The program is a result of Virginia Tech Presidential Policy Memorandum 289 (April 1, 2015), in which President Tim Sands said, “As the university continues to grow and the demand for new space, and new types of space, increases, having a university-wide space management policy and process will be essential to ensure all university space is used as effectively as possible.”

In addition to the 2,600-acre Blacksburg campus, which has approximately 10 million square feet of academic and administrative space in 213 buildings and an airport, Virginia Tech owns or leases approximately 1.9  million square feet of property in New York, North Carolina, Virginia, South Dakota, and abroad.

Lally came to Virginia Tech in 2005 and has served as a campus planner and designer for almost 12 years.

During that time she has led many visible projects on campus, including developing the wayfinding and signage program, creating and maintaining campus design standards, managing the planning phase of multiple capital projects, and leading renovation projects in multiple facilities. She was also the curator for the experiential graphics and art exhibit at the new Classroom Building and serves as an adjunct professor in the School of Architecture + Design and a faculty/professional leadership mentor for Design for America (DFA), a student organization.

As the university space manager, one of her first assignments is the development of a university-wide space policy program, and associated procedures that will guide how space is assigned, requested, and maintained. The new space management program will also support the provost office’s internal space management efforts.

Prior to coming to Virginia Tech, Lally was a senior facilities planner and project manager for the California State Automobile Association from 1990-2003. During that time, she spent two years serving as a school administrator and instructor for the United States Peace Corps.

Lally has a bachelor’s of fine arts from the University of Massachusetts, a master’s of science in architecture from Virginia Tech, and a doctorate in architecture and design research from Virginia Tech.

She is a member of the American Institute of Architects, Society for College and University Planning, Design Futures Council, and the United States Green Building Council Southwest Virginia Chapter.

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