Roommates too loud? Newman too crowded?

Can’t be bothered to get on a bus and head to the Empo?

Sounds like you need a new study spot. Thankfully, we’ve got a list of the best and barely known spots on campus -- just in time for finals. 

Wallace Hall atrium

Located near McComas, this hidden gem is the most stylish place to study. The amazing overhead windows combined with greenery and beautiful artwork allow your creative juices to flow, and make cramming feel a little less daunting.

It’s quiet, calming, and filled with outlets. What more could you need?

Lavery Hall second floor

Everyone loves Turner place. But the crowds and dinner time rush? Not exactly a studier's paradise.

But don’t fret, the space right above Turner place is made just for studying. Equipped with a meeting room and whiteboard, you can transition swiftly from dining to diving into those exam materials.

Major Williams

Sorry to give away your secret, history majors, but the newly renovated Major Williams atrium is a prime location for studying.

With plush seats that barricade you from others, there is no comfier corner for some peace and study time. Plus, a few of the window seats have outlets, so bring a pillow for your behind and create a cozy nook of studying awesome. 

Empty McBryde classrooms

Since an all night study sesh is sometimes a cruel reality, and McBryde is open 24/7, these classrooms can be an essential spot.

With your own blackboard, privacy, and so many seats to choose from, there are no bounds to your studying pursuits.

And if you want to let off a little steam and dance it out, no one is watching!

Holtzman Alumni Center grand hall

Holtzman Alumni Center grand hall

Holtzman Alumni Center grand hall is available for studying 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. It is a comfortable and quiet location with lots of windows and light.

Written by Megan Myklegard.


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