Carol Burch-Brown, professor of art in the School of Visual Arts in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies and affiliate faculty member in the Institute for Creativity, Arts, and Technology at Virginia Tech, has been conferred the title of professor emerita by the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors.

The emerita title may be conferred on retired professors, associate professors, and administrative officers who are specially recommended to the board by Virginia Tech President Tim Sands. Nominated individuals who are approved by the board receive an emerita certificate from the university.

A member of the university community since 1979, Burch-Brown contributed to the formation and development of creative technologies as a major in the School of Visual Arts. Through her practice-led research that exposed and exploited the connections between the biological sciences and the visual arts, she had a lasting impact on curriculum development within the arts at Virginia Tech.

Her constant attention to maintain software fluency in the ever-changing landscape of technology laid a forward-thinking foundation to help students succeed in today’s classroom.

Burch-Brown was a model of interdisciplinary research — first with the arts and humanities, and later, with the arts and science — through such projects as “Singing Darwin” and “Salt Marsh Suite.” She led or collaborated with other faculty in numerous creative endeavors that ranged from theater to science, music, photography, and filmmaking, including a documentary film that encouraged foster parenting.

She taught a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses across the disciplines, advising numerous students on master’s and doctoral degree dissertations and helping them develop successful careers in both academic and industrial settings. She was honored with the Diggs Teaching Scholar Award in 1998.

Burch-Brown also served as associate provost and chair of the Studio Art Program. She laid the groundwork for many policies and standards that are still in place today and supported faculty across the university in both their teaching and research.

Burch-Brown received her bachelor's degree from Abilene Christian University and her master of fine arts degree from the University of Chicago.

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