Newly purchased and distributed iPod Touches are providing internet access to 140 Virginia Tech employees who don't have regular access to a university computer throughout the work day.

Housekeeping and grounds employees in the Facilities Department spend their days tending to 2,600 acres of university property and cleaning more than 5 million square feet of academic space on campus in Blacksburg, Virginia.

“Learning how to use an iPod has really opened up new doors for me," said Tammy Agee, one of the housekeepers who received an iPod. "I can keep up-to-date with campus news and easily contact my coworkers or supervisor rather than wasting time trying to track someone down."

The new iPods ensure that these employees can receive emergency notifications, check their email, and stay up-to-date on university and departmental news through a high-speed wireless connection.

“Our staff is now 
empowered to send and receive emails, browse university websites, and report issues throughout campus from their handheld device,” said Christopher Kiwus, associate vice president for facilities and chief facilities officer.

The university’s LiveSafe app, DuoMobile, and the app used to manage work orders in facilities were installed on all of the devices, and employees are receiving one-on-one training to help them utilize the new devices to access univeristy resources more effectively.

This iPod distribution has eliminated the need to print and distribute hundreds of paper copies of the Virginia Tech Daily News and the Facilities Department Newsletter for these employees and complies with the university's IT security policies.

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