Yuriko and Michael Renardy, professors of mathematics in the College of Science at Virginia Tech, have been reappointed as the Virginia Tech Class of 1950 Professors by Virginia Tech President Timothy D. Sands and Executive Vice President and Provost Thanassis Rikakis.

The Virginia Tech Class of 1950 Professorship was established in 2000 on the occasion of class' 50th reunion. The professorship recognizes excellence in scholarly endeavors. The term of the professorship is five years.

Both Yuriko and Michael Renardy have held the Class of 1950 Professorship since 2000.

The two joined the Virginia Tech faculty in 1986. They conduct research in fluid mechanics, a field in which mathematical analysis and computation are combined to address problems associated with blood flow, polymer manufacturing, and other processes fundamental to human health and environmental quality. Their work is consistently funded by external sponsors.

Yuriko Renardy has published 126 research articles and two monographs. Michael Renardy has published 194 journal articles, 43 book chapters, a research monograph, a graduate textbook, and a book based on his Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences lecture series.

Michael and Yuriko Renardy have been recognized for their research excellence. Yuriko Renardy is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a Fellow of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Michael Renardy has received a Presidential Young Investigator Award, a Virginia Tech Alumni Award for Research Excellence, and appointment as a Fellow of the American Mathematical Society.

The two have held visiting positions at the Australian National University, Cambridge University, and the Institute for Mathematics. Between them, they have given 83 talks in 12 countries on four continents in the past five years alone.

Their research prominence is the foundation for much of their service to the profession, including 13 editorial positions for Michael Renardy and two for Yuriko Renardy, as well as proposal review for science foundations in several countries.

Michael Renardy has advised seven Ph.D. students and is currently advising one more. Yuriko Renardy has advised two Ph.D. students, is now advising an additional student, has mentored five postdoctoral associates, and has advised a scholar participating in Virginia Tech's Initiative for Maximizing Student Development program.

In addition to effective classroom teaching, Michael Renardy developed the computer-assisted homework and test system for the sophomore differential equations course, and Yuriko Renardy has been an active and visible provider of instructional assistance at the Math Emporium.

Michael Renardy received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Universität Stuttgart. Yuriko Renardy received her bachelor's degree from Australian National University and a Ph.D. from Western Australia University.


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