Employees in the Division of Administrative Services at Virginia Tech are known for going above and beyond to serve the needs of the campus community.

Of the more than 800 employees in the division, which includes the majority of the university’s support services, 17 are being recognized for their exemplary customer services to the university community through the Customer Service Recognition Program.

“The work these employees do often goes unnoticed, but it is absolutely essential to ensuring that many of our support services at Virginia Tech run efficiently and effectively," said Vice President for Administration Sherwood Wilson. 

Award recipients, who were nominated by their peers, co-workers, or supervisors, include the following:

  • Kim Avis, assistant director for real estate and leasing for Facilities Service has been at Virginia Tech since 2006. She has worked as a leasing administrator and business manager, an assistant to the associate vice presidents in university development, as well as a program and event coordinator for the Virginia Tech Roanoke Center. Avis is recognized for going above and beyond when communicating with her clients. She is credited with always having a professional and pleasant demeanor when addressing real estate matters.
  • Melissa Ball, air transportation operations planning coordinator for Air Transportation Services, has been at Virginia Tech since 2007, when she was hired as an assistant in the Department of Human Resources. She moved to her current position in 2013. Ball is recognized for developing great relationships with local and regional businesses and for assisting users in maximizing limited transportation funding. She has permanently taken on the workload of two employees and streamlined processes that allow her to work more efficiently. She is known for her attention to detail and admirable work ethic.
  • Amy Epperley came to Virginia Tech in 2014 as a Hokie Wellness health educator and was promoted to assistant director of Hokie Wellness in 2016. Epperley is recognized for using WebEx to make sure that all students and employees can participate in Hokie Wellness educational sessions regardless of geographic location. Epperley works with employees who are sometimes referred to the Employee Assistance Program and is known for staying in touch with employees long after they leave her office. 
  • Bobbi Myers, program manager for the Office of Emergency Management, has been at Virginia Tech since 1998. She has worked as a senior registration specialist in Continuing and Professional Education and as a program support technician for the Office of Capital Assets and Financial Management. She moved to her current position in 2008. Myers is recognized for her ability to resolve problems efficiently and effectively. In one example, Myers worked late into the night to assist with unforeseen technical issues during the installation of WeatherSTEM unit on the roof of Lane Stadium. She is credited with providing outstanding service and having the ability to build strong relationships on campus.
  • Philip Todd Robertson, central steam plant operations support supervisor for Facilities Services, has been at Virginia Tech since 1993. He held several positions in the department from 1993-2008 before returning to Virginia Tech in 2009 in his current position. Robertson is recognized for using his knowledge and abilities to continue finding new and innovative ways to address issues, problems, and opportunities at the university's Central Steam Plant. He is credited with ensuing that the Central Steam Plant operates safely and efficiently.
  • Twelve members of the Department of Human Resources received this year's team award for their work improving New Employee Orientation. They are Freddi Akers, Claudia Cornwell, Alicia Eaton, Cara Epperly, Jonathan Hedrick, Jamie Hollimion, Rebecca Hubble, Paula Johansen, Stacey Poertner, Judy Reed, Michelle Sadler, and Brandi Webb. The team worked with Hokie Wellness to add a new wellness segment to New Employee Orientation, which has been well received. The group consistently offers ideas and solutions to effectively respond to employees’ wellness needs.

Each award recipient received a certificate and a monetary award from the Division of Administrative Services.

Nominations for the annual award are accepted each spring from the Virginia Tech community.

Winners of the Division of Administrative Services annual Customer Service Awards with Wilson, center.
Winners of the Division of Administrative Services annual Customer Service Awards (individual awards) with Wilson, center.
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