Virginia Cooperative Extension is now accepting internship applications for the 2016 summer season.

Extension internships give students the opportunity to explore careers in nutrition, agriculture, environmental science, natural resources, family and consumer sciences, or community and youth development. In addition, Extension summer-long internships are credit-hour eligible and students can also earn college credit while earning a wage.

Students from Virginia Tech and Virginia State University, Virginia’s two land-grant institutions, are encouraged to apply for internships, but internship opportunities are not limited to students at from these institutions.

"One of the most interesting aspects of our internship program is that it exposes students to a career opportunity with Extension that they may not have considered on their own," said Joe Hunnings, director of Planning and Reporting, Professional Development, and Civil Rights Compliance. "Most of our interns are surprised how rewarding Extension work is, and many decide to make it their career choice. For example, this next week, we are on-boarding three newly hired Extension agents who all went through our internship program."

Through Extension internships, students get a firsthand view of careers in the organizations and do community-changing work with agents who are faculty members making a difference in the communities in which they work.

Extension seeks students to apply with a passion for the following:
·      an interest in possibly pursuing an Extension career;
·      a desire to serve others and a genuine interest in people;
·      the ability to lead, teach, motivate, and communicate effectively;
·      the motivation to continue learning and growing professionally; and
·      the desire to work as part of a team.

Students who are interested in being considered for an internship may apply by submitting a letter of interest indicating why they are interested in the Virginia Cooperative Extension Internship Program and why they consider themselves to be good candidates. Also include in the cover letter the specific Extension office locations where you are interested in working. In addition, provide a resume, the names and contact information for three references, and your latest official college or university transcript. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted.

The application deadline for all required materials for the Virginia Cooperative Extension Summer Internship Program is Friday, March 25, 2016 at 5 p.m.

Written by Amy Loeffler

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