Thanks to the generosity of donors, including numerous university employees, 18 students received Employees’ Spouse and Dependent Scholarships for their first semester at Virginia Tech.

The scholarship provides partial financial support to employees' children or spouses who enroll at Virginia Tech. It is awarded to first semester freshmen or new transfer students. The fund was created in 2000 to enrich the university climate by recognizing the value of employees. Since 2000, the fund has awarded 176 scholarships.

The 2015 recipients of the Employees’ Spouse and Dependent Scholarship are:

  • Moemin Montasir Abbas (Business Information Technology) of Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Emily Rose Beatty (Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise) of Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Amber Bradley (Animal and Poultry Sciences) of Newport, Virginia.
  • Christopher “Jacob” Cooper (General Engineering) of Hardy, Virginia.
  • Kaitlyn Marie Flint (Physics) of Christiansburg, Virginia.
  • Chentelle Guest (Psychology) of Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Seth Hackney (Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise) of Christiansburg, Virginia.
  • Sofia Hirt (General Biosciences) of Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Hunter Holden (Nanoscience) of Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Faith Kurek (Business) of Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Erin Mitchell (Agribusiness) of Radford, Virginia.
  • Logan Price (Neuroscience and Psychology), of Radford, Virginia.
  • Matthew Scanland (General Engineering) of Christiansburg, Virginia.
  • Chandler Seibert (General Engineering) of Salem, Virginia.  
  • Tay Shen (General Engineering) of Blacksburg, Virginia.
  • Collin Smith (General Engineering) of Shawsville, Virginia.
  • Annie Kate Snavely (Psychology) of Christiansburg, Virginia.
  • Nicholas Walsh (Environmental Science) of Blacksburg, Virginia.

The Employees’ Spouse and Dependent Scholarship is supported by Virginia Tech employees and others who value this much appreciated program. Learn more about the fund.

For more information about the scholarship, contact Tom McAvoy.

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