The Virginia Tech Police Department has recently been made aware that forms were being placed in classrooms soliciting students to put their name and telephone numbers on the form to request tutoring services.  

At the top of the form the words “High Quality Tutoring” were written but there was no additional contact information for the person or persons that would be providing the tutoring services.  

The form went on to caution students not to hand the form across the aisle during class which could be interpreted as an attempt to hide the activity from the professor.

Although it is not known if this is a scam attempt, students should be cautious about providing personal information (including name, telephone number, address, date of birth, and other personal information) unless they are certain it is for a legitimate purpose with a reputable company or person.

Virginia Tech does offer official tutoring services to students. More information can be found on the Student Success Center website.

The Virginia Tech Police Department reminds everyone to report any suspicious person(s) and/or activity to the Virginia Tech Police Department at 540-382-4343.

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