“Impressions,” a collaborative exhibit by Joanna and Donald Sunshine, will be on display at the Perspective Gallery in Squires Student Center until August 9. Perspective Gallery summer hours are listed online.

An opening reception will be held in Perspective Gallery today from 5 to 7 p.m. Refreshments will be provided. The reception and exhibit are free and open to the public.

Two mediums displayed in the exhibit, with fiber art by Joanna Sunshine and paintings by Donald Sunshine, combine to showcase innovative perspectives of the region, as the artists focus on a sense of time and place to create their art.

Joanna Sunshine utilizes an array of techniques, including non-traditional looming and the use of a variety of textures such as sisal, jute, and rope.

“I seek to transform unlikely materials into art,” she said. “For me, the satisfaction of the work results from the doing…the interest is in the search and experimentation of technique, media, and spatial elements…spontaneity, investigation, intuition, surprise, and doing, always doing.”

Donald Sunshine, professor emeritus of architecture, is an award-winning architect, artist, and author. His most recent watercolors are of Appalachia and Goodland, a threatened historic fishing village in Florida.

“Shunning the camera, I have completed my 16th volume of travel sketches, all of which have been done on-site, in conte’ crayon or line drawing,” said Donald. “These sketches undoubtedly have influenced my current work.”

For more information, contact Robin Scully Boucher, Perspective Gallery art director, at 540-231-4053 or via email.

Written by Holly Paulette.

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