The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets will be participating in a tactical challenge event for the 10th time this month, but for the first time the competition will be held on the platoon level.

The Platoon Tactical Challenge will be held on March 21, a change from the first nine years when this keystone event was called the Squad Tactical Challenge. 

Platoon Tactical Challenge is a situational training exercise encompassing approximately a 2.7-mile, circular route around campus with several stations where each participating platoon is given a designated start time and negotiates the challenge in the fastest time possible. The platoon leader is in charge and is completely responsible for the execution of the event.

Each of the 24 platoons will consist of 30 cadets that include the platoon leader and platoon sergeant and four seven-cadet squads. These units are those the cadets are assigned to within their cadet companies and work with on a daily basis.

This will be an all-day event with the first platoon starting at 6:40 a.m. and the event concluding by 5 p.m.

Events along the way will include a casualty evacuation exercise, land navigation, platoon drill, and a university and corps knowledge test. Scoring will be based on how fast the platoon can complete all events while minimizing penalties.

As in previous years, the purpose of the Platoon Tactical Challenge is to provide a stressful situation for cadets to develop their leadership. Cadets must train the members of their platoon over time and plan for the events to be successful. Also, cadets’ leadership and ability to react moment by moment is tested during the event. The entire Corps of Cadets began training for this event when they returned for the spring semester.

This event is an excellent opportunity for cadets of all classes to demonstrate leadership lessons they have learned throughout their time in the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. Anyone on campus is invited to stop and watch cadets as they compete in the event.

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