The Virginia Tech Police Department has been informed that a scam is being targeted toward Virginia Tech students, primarily international students.

During the scam, the victim will receive a call from someone claiming to be acting on behalf of a law enforcement or government agency. The caller will demand money while telling the victim that if they refuse to provide the caller with money or hang up the phone with them then harsh action will be taken toward the victim or the victim’s family. While on the phone with the caller, the victim is directed to drive to any number of local businesses that sell “Green Dot” or similar pre-paid credit cards and provide the caller with that information.

No law Enforcement agency or other government organization will demand money in a manner used by the person or persons conducting this scam. In addition to the known scam described previously, there are several different ruses that scammers may use to attempt to obtain money from unsuspecting people.

If you receive a call which you believe is a scam, ask the caller for their organization, name, and a call back number. Hang up the phone and contact the Virginia Tech Police Department at 540-231-6411.

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