Virginia Tech students living in on campus residence halls will compete in Turn Down 4 Watt to see which hall can save the most energy from Oct. 20 through Nov. 14

Students will be encouraged to reduce electricity usage in their residence halls. Simple steps such as unplugging laptop and cell phone chargers, washing only full loads of laundry, turning off room lights and televisions when not in use can add up to real energy savings.

“Residence halls are often the first place students live outside of their parents’ homes,” said Austin Himes of Silver Spring, Maryland, a senior majoring in environmental policy and planning who is coordinating the competition. “We want to make sure students learn how to live in a sustainable manner have fun doing it.”

The residence halls will be allowed to call each other out over social media outlets, post photos of what they are doing to win, and point out what others can do to help win.

“Bragging rights are essential,” said Himes. “Plus the winner will get a 6-foot statue to place in their hall’s lobby.” 

The statue currently resides in Pritchard Hall, which won the last energy competition.

For more information visit the Office of Energy and Sustainability website or the official competition Facebook page.

Written by Emily Schosid, campus sustainability planner.

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