Virginia Tech has launched a new program for independent crafters who produce handmade products bearing university trademarks such as the “VT” logo, “Hokies” wordmark, and HokieBird artwork.

Crafters intending to sell 500 or fewer Virginia Tech-branded products valued at less than $2,500 per year directly to consumers qualify for the Crafter Licensing Program.

“Crafters are creative people who are passionate about quality and workmanship, so we were eager to find a new avenue for collaboration,” said Melissa Richards, assistant vice president for marketing and publications in University Relations. “By lessening the financial burden of upfront royalties and total royalties due overall, this program is a friendlier way for crafters to partner directly with the university.”

The term for crafter license agreements runs July 1 to June 30, and agreements must be renewed annually. The annual flat-rate royalty fee is $125, which must be paid upon execution of the agreement. Annual sales that exceed a quantity of 500 or revenues of more than $2,500 are subject to standard royalty rates, which are 10 percent of wholesale value.

Visit the website for more information or to apply for a crafter license.

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