Eric K. Kaufman, an associate professor of agricultural and extension education in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has been named faculty principal of the Honors Residential College at East Ambler Johnston Hall.  

The Honors Residential College was Virginia Tech’s first residential college when it opened in fall of 2011. The residential college model places freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and graduate students in the same community. As a result, students who share a deep-intellectual curiosity live and learn together under the same roof. The faculty principal is responsible for coordinating educational programs, fostering academic engagement, and enriching the residential college's unique culture.

“Dr. Kaufman is extraordinarily student-centered,” said Frank Shushok, senior associate vice president for Student Affairs and associate professor of higher education. “His affinity for the residential experience, combined with his passion for student learning and mentorship, make him the perfect candidate.” 

For Kaufman, this appointment is a natural extension of work already underway. 

“My role at Virginia Tech has been to develop and expand a variety of leadership studies opportunities, particularly those related to community and volunteer settings,” said Kaufman. “I see the faculty principal position as an opportunity to continue that work, but in a different way and with a group of people I might not otherwise work with."

“I love when students allow me to be a partner in that process and help them with their own development," he added. "Not only that, but I learn from them along the way too. If it is a shared relationship, we all benefit.”

Kaufman, his wife Shevon, and their two children will live in East Ambler Johnston beginning this summer.  

“Living on campus will certainly bring a change in our lives, but I believe the Honors Residential College will be a great place to raise my family,” he said.

Kaufman succeeds Robert Stephens and Heather Gumbert, who complete their three year term this spring.

Kaufman received his bachelor's degree from Ohio State University and his master's degree and Ph.D. from the University of Florida.

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