The 2013 State Stockman’s Contest and State 4-H Quiz Bowl Competition were held April 5 at Augusta Expo in Fishersville, Va. The two state-level competitions drew more than 280 4-H and FFA youth from across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The stockman’s contest brought together 123 junior and 160 senior 4-H and FFA competitors. It consisted of a livestock-specific quiz; identification of livestock equipment, breeds, feeds, and meat; judging of live cattle, sheep, and swine; questions on each of those classes; and judging of meats and hay.

The Rockbridge County 4-H team won the senior division and will represent Virginia at the National 4-H Stockman’s Contest at the North American Livestock Exposition held this fall in Louisville, Ky. Winning team members were

  • Will Strecker;
  • Lindsey Fenster;
  • Brandon Hamilton; and
  • Michael Roney.

Rounding out the top-five senior-division teams were Carroll County 4-H, Washington County 4-H, Orange County 4-H, and Augusta County 4-H team B.

The top-five individual competitors in the senior division were

  • Kate Belcher, Washington County 4-H;
  • Claire Gleason, Carroll County 4-H;
  • Lindsey Fenster, Rockbridge County 4-H;
  • Cole Leonard, Riverheads High School FFA, Staunton; and
  • Robert Nixon, Orange County 4-H.

In the junior division, which comprises youth ages 9 through 13, the top-five teams were Augusta County 4-H, Rockingham County 4-H, Rockbridge County 4-H, Pittsylvania County 4-H, and Orange County 4- H, respectively.

The top-five individual junior competitors were:

  • Bailey Hadacek, Augusta County 4-H;
  • Camille Mitchell, Chesapeake 4-H;
  • Caleb Boden, Frederick County 4-H;
  • Abigail Durheim, Stafford County 4-H; and
  • Colton Buchanan, Augusta County 4-H.

The State 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl Competition drew 18 junior teams and 19 senior teams for its inaugural event. Competitors were asked one-on-one, team, and toss-up questions about general livestock issues.

The Carroll County 4-H Livestock Club won the senior division. Team members were

  • Jessica Vass;
  • Abigail Williams;
  • Claire Gleason; and
  • Jeffery Vass.

The team will compete at the 2013 National 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl Invitational Contest on Sept. 28, 2013, at the Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Stock Show in Omaha, Neb.

Second-place in the senior division went to Augusta County 4-H team B, with team members Coffman Liggett, Jessica Houff, Shannon Garber, Ben Goad, and Madison Slaven. The Augusta County team will compete at the 2013 Ak-Sar-Ben 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl Contest, also held during the stock show in Omaha.

Augusta County 4-H won the quiz bowl’s junior division. Team members were

  • Cassie Simmons;
  • Bailey Hadacek;
  • Colton Buchanan; and
  • Mikala Liptrap.

Second-place went to Orange County 4-H, with team members Marlaina Johnson, Autumn Rogers, Stella Bradford, Case Norford, and Garrett Hopkins.

All contest results and additional 4-H livestock information can be found on the Virginia Cooperative Extension 4-H youth livestock website.



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