Virginia Tech geosciences students will enter the job market having had hands-on experience with a program that is commonly used in the oil-and-natural-gas industry thanks to IHS Inc., which provided the university licenses valued at $3.62 million for IHS Kingdom software.

IHS Inc. is headquartered in Englewood, Colo. Its software is used to analyze seismic data and measurements taken from oil or gas wells to help companies make decisions such as where to drill or how large an extraction operation to mount, explained Assistant Professor of Geosciences Brian Romans, who is using the software in the seismic stratigraphy course he teaches within the College of Science, and in his research.

“Students will basically be using what the industry uses, and that’s why it’s exciting,” said Romans. “Not only will they learn the science, theory, and fundamentals of seismic stratigraphy, they will also get practical experience using the software.”

Software such as IHS Kingdom can be used across all three stages of natural resource projects: exploration, development, and production, Romans added.

IHS Vice President-Energy Technical Analytics Bill Stephenson said: “IHS Kingdom is one of the most widely used geology and geophysics software applications in the industry and brings advanced science in easy-to-use applications. We are pleased to provide Virginia Tech students this valuable tool. By using Kingdom in the classroom they will get hands-on experience that will allow them to become more productive and better prepared as they enter the work force.”



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