Virginia Cooperative Extension has released two new titles in its ongoing series of free e-book publications.

The new publications now available for download are

•  “Planting on Your Septic Drain Field,” Extension Publication 426-617
•  “Rose Rosette Disease,” Extension Publication 450-620

The e-book format is an easy, convenient, and environmentally friendly way to disseminate valuable and practical information. Extension’s publications are available for iPads, iPhones, and iPod touch.

Extension publications posted on the Web received more than 4 million page views in 2011 — a number that is expected to increase. To meet that demand, Extension will release e-books that reflect popular publications relevant to the respective season.

“The e-books reflect our commitment to reach larger and more diverse audiences,” said Ed Jones, director of Virginia Cooperative Extension. “These e-books provide another valuable tool for putting knowledge into the hands of the people.”

Extension specialists write numerous publications every year that address key issues in agriculture; finance; animals; home and family; community development; lawn and garden; the environment; and foods, nutrition, and health.

E-books have many advantages, including their portability and small size. Readers can flip the pages of an e-book book just as easily as they turn the pages of a hardcover or paperback book. Readers can search for keywords as well as copy and email content, add notes or highlight text, adjust the font size, and backup their e-book libraries. Learn how to download the e-books.

Virginia Cooperative Extension publications will continue to be available in PDF format for desktop and laptop users.  




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