Eight Virginia Tech Hokies were inducted into the Virginia Livestock Hall of Fame at the Virginia State Fair in Doswell, Va., on Oct. 7.

“The Virginia Livestock Hall of Fame allows Virginia’s beef, dairy, sheep, and pork industries to recognize those who have made outstanding contributions to the commonwealth’s livestock industry,” said Ike Eller, a retired Virginia Cooperative Extension animal scientist who chairs the Hall of Fame Committee. “These honorees represent both industry and academia leaders who have made Virginia’s livestock industry what it is today.”

The 2011 inductees who graduated from or worked at Virginia Tech were

  • L. Barnes Allen (1932-2003) of Tappahannock, Va.; 1955 Virginia Tech graduate and former Virginia Cooperative Extension agent and animal scientist;
  • Clifford A. Cutchins III (1923-2002) of Franklin, Va.; 1947 Virginia Tech graduate and served as the rector for the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors;
  • Willie B. Irby (1920-1999) of Blackstone, Va.; 1942 Virginia Tech graduate;
  • C. Curtis Mast (1915-1998) of Blacksburg, Va.; 1936 Virginia Tech graduate and Virginia Cooperative Extension animal scientist and project leader;
  • George A. Miller of Columbus, Ohio; 1952 Virginia Tech graduate;
  • Paul M. Reaves (1902-1992) of Blacksburg, Va.; former professor of dairy science;
  • Ernest Rogers (1944-1977) of Waverly, Va.; 1966 Virginia Tech graduate; and
  • Kenneth Carlton Williamson (1923-2010) of Blacksburg, Va.; 1944 and 1947 graduate of Virginia Tech and former Virginia Cooperative Extension animal scientist.

The other 2011 inductees were James D. Bennett of Red House, Va., and Bobby H. Bryan of Dillwyn, Va.

More than three-quarters of the Virginia Livestock Hall of Fame Award winners have a connection to Virginia Tech.

  • Allen earned his bachelor’s degree at the university and served his entire career as an Extension agent and Extension animal scientist.
  • Cutchins received his bachelor’s degree in business and served on the university's board of visitors for 14 years.
  • Mast was also a graduate of Virginia Tech and was an Extension animal scientist who led the development of Virginia’s beef cattle improvement programs.
  • Reaves earned Virginia Tech's first Wine Award for teaching excellence, was instrumental in forming a national student-affiliated chapter of the American Dairy Science Association, and was a recipient of that association's National Teaching Award.
  • Kenneth Carlton Williamson earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees at the university, and as an Extension animal scientist, was a visionary leader in the area of livestock marketing.
  • Irby, Miller, and Rogers also graduated from the university.
  • Bennett served on the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors from 1984-1986.

Established in 2009, the Virginia Livestock Hall of Fame bestows honor and recognition on outstanding Virginians who have made significant contributions to the state’s livestock industry and its people. The Virginia Cattlemen’s Association, Virginia Pork Industry Association, Virginia Sheep Producers Association, and Virginia State Dairymen’s Association had the opportunity to nominate deceased and living individuals to the Virginia Livestock Hall of Fame.

The Meadow Pavilion at the State Fair of Virginia (Meadow Event Park) in Doswell, Va., displays a portrait of each honoree.

For more information, contact Ike Eller at 540-951-2109.



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