In recognition of her unwavering dedication, extraordinary generosity, and exemplary service to Virginia Tech’s Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center, Beverly “Peggy” Steinman was awarded the 2010 Distinguished Service Award here on Oct. 14.

As he presented the award to Steinman, Dr. Nathaniel White, Jean Ellen Shehan Professor and director of the medical center noted, “this award was established in order to recognize and honor those individuals who have demonstrated exemplary service and dedication to fulfilling the equine medical center’s mission. Peggy has – for more than 20 years – generously and tirelessly provided expert leadership and keen business advice to this faculty, staff, and college. She has helped us attain an advanced level of achievement in service, teaching, and research. We are in her debt.”

Shelley Duke, chairperson of the equine medical center’s council and vice rector of the Virginia Tech Board of Visitors, added that, “From the beginning, Peggy seemed to have formed a special bond with the [center] and its mission. We have worked together for many years, and her commitment is evidenced by the innumerable things she does for the people and programs on the center’s campus. She is energetic, dependable, diligent, and wise, and I rely on heavily on her for advice and guidance. It is a pleasure and an honor to work with Peggy.”

White and Duke each enumerated some of the significant ways that Steinman has contributed to the equine medical center. “Peggy has provided many generous gifts to us for the purchase of dozens of pieces of state-of-the-art biomedical equipment that have been used on countless horses over the years,” said White. “She believes that you can’t do the best work without the best equipment and facilities, and this belief has resulted in better health for many, many horses. This is just one of the ways that her incredible generosity has helped the [center] become a world-renowned center for equine medical care and teaching.”

“Peggy was instrumental in supporting the concept of the seasonal barn, which was designed with the help of her former horse trainer, Paul Fout,” Duke noted. “She supported this project by assuring that the funding was there from the initiation of the project right through to its completion.”

In addition to serving on the [center]’s council and executive committee, Steinman is chairperson of Steinman Enterprises, a group of companies headquartered in Lancaster, Pa., which includes Lancaster Newspapers, Lancaster Farming Inc., Lancaster County Weeklies Inc., Delmarva Broadcasting, Steinman Coal Company, and Steinman Park Restaurant.

Upon receiving the Distinguished Service Award, Steinman said, “I am honored to be given such a prestigious award. The hospital has always done — and continues to do — a wonderful job with its dedicated staff. It gives me great pleasure to keep supporting the [equine medical center] and to see the remarkable results it consistently achieves.”

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